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I started taking Saheli 2 months ago and so far I love it. I am happy with how my body is functioning again. Before making the switch I talked to a few different people who had been on it for 2 years plus. They were all satisfied and pregnancy free.”

“Azaleanation”, Reddit user

“I’ve been taking Saheli for three months and I could not be happier – no mood fluctuations, no weight gain or loss, regular periods. I bought it online and it’s super cheap. Read as much research on it as I could find before trying it and am thrilled.”

“Seo2972”, Reddit user

“I tried many different methods of BC. They all had unwanted side effects, messing up my cycle, causing spotting. Not to mention that I didn’t like the invasiveness of an internal BC I tried for several months. I wanted something easy to use, that I could be in charge of. For 3 years I have been taking Saheli, it has made my cycle lighter, longer, regular, and has no negative side effects at all for me.”


“I know like most women out there a good birth control pill is hard to come by. I’ve tried the regular everyday pill, Mirena IUD, Paragard IUD, and almost used the Nuva Ring but seen the reviews and how horrible it was and said ‘Hell no!’. I decided that I didn’t want my mind, and body to be affected by hormones and chemicals that altered my thought patterns and gave my body horrible side effects…” (continued)

“Kori C”., Blogger

“…side effects which included horrible mood swings, terrible cramps, fatigue, horrible anxiety attacks, heavy periods, fuzzy memory and brain fog, shooting pains down my legs, WEIGHT GAIN! omg, and when it came to hormone pills having to take them everyday! Then when you forgot by chance you risk getting pregnant. So after being fed up with dealing with the nonsense, I decided to do research on something better. I scoured the internet for hours and came across many forms of BC and began looking deeper into India birth controls and found Saheli (Centchroman).”

“Kori C”., Blogger

“It’s now been 5 months since I’ve gotten off hormonal birth control of 8/9 years and switched to non hormonal Saheli, twice weekly. I feel AMAZING. It’s changed my periods from a 17 day cycle to a 31 day, and when it comes- it’s shortened to 4 days total. I immediately lost 6 pounds and have kept it off with no other lifestyle changes. I didn’t realize in the almost a decade on hormones that sore breasts weren’t normal and weren’t something I HAD to live with. Now that I’m back to normal, my body feels and looks amazing. My constant bloating is gone and the Saheli seems to be doing its job effectiveness wise. Highly highly recommend for any woman looking to get off hormones but who still want to be protected 24/7.”

AliveChic, Reddit User