Kori’s Story: A Saheli Experience

A woman's experience Saheli contraceptives

Kori searched far and wide for a good non-hormonal birth control option. Watch this video to hear what she has to say.

Below is her post from her blog, KoriCometh.

Saheli! The once a week non-hormonal Birth Control Pill!

I know like most women out there a good birth control pill is hard to come by. I’ve tried the regular everyday pill, Mirena IUD, Paragard IUD, and almost used the Nuva Ring but seen the reviews and how horrible it was and said ‘Hell no!’. 

I decided that I didn’t want my mind, and body to be affected by hormones and chemicals that altered my thought patterns and gave my body horrible side effects which included horrible mood swings, terrible cramps, fatigue, horrible anxiety attacks, heavy periods, fuzzy memory and brain fog, shooting pains down my legs, WEIGHT GAIN! omg, and when it came to hormone pills having to take them everyday! Then when you forgot by chance you risk getting pregnant.

So after being fed up with dealing with the bullshit, I decided to do research on something better. I scoured the internet for hours and came across many forms of BC including Family Planning, where you record your basal temptations and track you cervical fluids to monitor your most fertile days, the Fem Cap which a cervial cap, which can be used with spermicide and placed over the cervix before sex, and Neem Oil and Pills. Neem Oil is derived from the neem plant and has a strong agent that kills sperm within 30 seconds. The pills are taken by men and women and prevent pregnancy by making sperm sterile.

Upon discovering neem oil, as seeing it being used in India a lot I began going deeper into India birth controls and found Saheli (Centchroman).
Saheli is a non-steroidal oral contraceptive pill. In the first three months you take two pills 2x a wk starting on your period then the second pill three days later; each pill is 30mg each. After the three months you switch to 1x a week. So 60mg a week for three months then down to 30 mg a week forever after (there are some cases where women stick to twice a week for precaution and to be extra safe).“So my schedule was Sunday and Wednesday then after three months went to just Sunday.”

During the first month it is important to use condoms or some sort of barrier protection to prevent pregnancy.  As well it is advised to use backup protection when your switching from twice a week to once a week.
Side effects:  The only side effects I felt were HOT FLASHES, vaginal irritation, and breast became less fibrous. Hot Flashes subsided as the initial three months past as well the irritation went away. My breast however still lack the fibrous tissues. This is because the chemical in Saheli, Ormeloxifine (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) is used to get rid of lumps in breast for women with breast cancer. So I now look at it as a good thing and an extra precaution.

I hope this helped you fellow women out there looking for a better form of birth control.

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