Saheli Non-Hormonal Oral Contraceptive Birth Control Pill

Beyond the Pill!

  • NON-HORMONAL EFFECTIVE PREGNANCY PREVENTION – Saheli is the only non-hormonal, contraceptive pill on the market. It does not affect estrogen levels meaning your body’s hormonal balance stays the same. It provides effective pregnancy prevention by inhibiting the body’s reception of its natural estrogen.
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS – Saheli does not cause bloating, mood swings, weight gain, nausea, or low libido. Using Saheli does not result in other side effects traditionally associated with hormonal birth control pills such as acne, pH imbalance, and recurrent infections. It does not disrupt your normal ovulatory cycle with only 8% of women reporting prolonged menstruation.
  • SAFE – Used by over 10 million women for more than 30 years, Saheli is a completely safe and reversible birth control solution. Each tablet contains the active ingredient Centchroman which has an almost 99% efficacy rate!
  •  ONCE A WEEK – Say goodbye to the everyday pill! Saheli is extremely easy to use. Just use it twice a week for the first three months subsequently reducing its intake to just once per week. Prevent unplanned pregnancies without risk of any fertility delays or future congenital defects.
  • BACKED BY CLINICAL RESEARCH – Centchroman has been the subject of numerous research studies since its introduction in 1991. Studies from Johns Hopkins University and research published in renowned medical journals found Centchroman to be a highly effective, yet safe oral contraceptive.

Pack of 8 tablets - 2 months supply



1 review for Saheli Non-Hormonal Oral Contraceptive Birth Control Pill

  1. Judy Goldberg (verified owner)

    Saheli arrived in the mail with no difficulties, tracking included. These little pills do their job! I have had no side effects, except that my cycle is slightly longer than it was previously, and my period is actually very light and short. Both of which I am delighted about! Ladies, I recommend trying these yourself.

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32 tablets (8 months supply)
64 tablets (16 months supply)
128 tablets (32 months supply)
Due to the fact that first-time users must take pills twice weekly for the first three months, please subtract three months from the calculated supply length if you are a first time user.