Why Women are Talking about Saheli birth control

Women and Saheli Birth Control

There are hundreds of brands that sell hormonal birth control pills just in the U.S. alone. Talk about confusing to find the best one for you! Unfortunately, all of these brands have one thing in common: the side effects are overwhelming, painful, and exhausting.

How many times have you taken a birth control pill and waited for excruciating cramps and abnormal bleeding?

We understand the flinch you just had reading that sentence and recalling the last time you regretted having to take the pill. Plus remembering to take it at the same time each day? It’s way too much pain and effort to deal with as a busy woman. 

You deserve better. We all deserve better. But, thankfully, there is an alternative to hormonal birth control that allows you to care for your body with comfort in mind. Saheli is a non-hormonal contraceptive pill that acts on estrogen receptors in the body and prevents eggs from implanting. 

The results are in – women are raving about the freedom this pill gives them, and the MyBody1 team wants to get you involved in the conversation. 

Continue reading to see what exactly women are talking about when it comes to Saheli and how it is helping them own their reproductive rights. 

Your Body But Naturally Defended

Saheli, aka Centchroman, is a non-steroidal birth control pill that suppresses reproductive sensors so fertilized eggs can’t implant into the uterine wall. Put simply, Saheli doesn’t introduce hormones in your body (which is usually the cause of all that discomfort) but uses your natural levels of estrogen to prevent pregnancy. 

We told you your body was Superwoman. Saheli is just her sidekick encouraging her to greatness!

Saheli has an almost 99% efficacy rate, comparable to hormonal birth control when taken perfectly on a daily schedule. This efficacy rate means you can feel protected when exploring your sexual needs without fear of consequence. 

Freedom minus pain equals the ability to feel in control.

Not only is it effective in preventing pregnancy, Saheli also aids in anticancer measures. Centchroman triggers estrogen receptors of the ovaries, uterus, breasts, and bones. This means it can prevent breast and ovarian cancer and osteoporosis.  

This has been on the market for 30 years and continues to surprise women who have been seeking an alternative to hormonal birth control. It’s no wonder that one pill which averts pregnancy and cancer is a hot pick! 

Side Effects 0, Women 1

Side effects are one of the leading causes of women not using birth control. Acne, nausea, weight gain, and other symptoms can severely impact your day-to-day life. Imagine not being able to go to work, take care of your family, or be in school because your body is revolting against a hormonal pill. 

It doesn’t seem fair that in protecting our bodies, we undergo more stress. 

With Saheli, you can say goodbye to those side effects and live comfortably. Saheli doesn’t introduce additional estrogen or hormones into your body that often creates harsh consequences. 

Instead, it acts with your natural levels to prevent pregnancy and keeps your body functioning as expected. Women who use Saheli report experiencing almost no side effects, allowing them to be free from discomfort. So long pain and inconsistency from IUDs, rings, and injections!

Your body is under enough stress from your daily routines and hectic life. You deserve a birth control method that is safe to use with no adverse effects upon discontinuing the pill. This is one of women’s favorite parts about using Saheli over other methods: getting to be in the reproductive driver’s seat without discomfort.

The Easy Alternative to Birth Control 

The last thing mothers, wives, and professional young women need is to remember taking a pill every single day. Hormonal birth control pills have to be taken on a strict schedule. Taking it a few hours or days out of routine impacts your hormone levels and decreases the effectiveness rate. 

No one has time to look after taking small, forgettable pills every day.

Women love the ease which Saheli brings into their lives. A single pill is taken twice a week for the first few months of usage to let your body become familiar with the new substance. After three months, you only need to take the pill once a week. 

Once-a-week versus every day? There’s almost no comparison! 

The easy schedule keeps you on-track and in-control. There is no more need to worry about remembering your pill mid-way through the day. 

It’s important to note that additional contraceptives, such as condoms or IUD’s, should be used for the first three months to doubly protect yourself and your body. Once in flow with Saheli, you receive the reassurance of an almost 99% effective rate. 

It’s Your Turn to Experience This 

With all of the positives outlined above, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that 10 million women have trusted Saheli since 1991. You can be the next woman to say ‘yes’ to complete authority over your reproductive system and ‘no’ to adverse side effects. 

The MyBody1 team wants you to experience pain free security!

Check out Saheli, our alternative to hormonal birth control, on our site to move yourself to easy schedules and effective safety. 

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